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    Mirror's Edge Exordium

    Post by GeoffreyOmega on Wed Sep 06, 2017 2:47 pm

    If you own Catalyst and haven't read it, I suggest you should definitely grab a copy of it since a lot is explain through the comic book.

    Graphically speaking, the comic is very pleasing. It was drawn by Mattias Haggstrom and Robert Sammelin (Dan Jackson as a Colorist)
    The script is much down to earth compare to the super plot of Catalyst which makes it more familiar and easy to get caught in.
    It was written by Christofer Emgard who is also the Narrative Director / Writer on Catalyst.

    Overall, I have to say that the story feels much better than the mess Catalyst was.
    Everything here is organic and stick to their word, I'm thinking mostly of Dogen, Catalyst introduced us a badass mafia guy who ended up being Faith's best friend, even his bodyguard aren't menacing despite what everyone tells you in glass while Exordium showcase you a smart villain man who manipulates Faith which fits more the character described.
    You also get to see Celeste and have some rivalry between Faith and her. Too bad we didn't see any in the game but well...

    To be honest, I sometimes would have prefer Catalyst story to be exordium story.
    Less Sister thing, Reflection with Faith's mother involved, unknown character our protagonist knows.
    Exordium feels like fresh air where you discover the city of glass through her eyes.

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